Set Your Own: Process

I upload all the images from my SD card to my laptop and import them to Adobe Lightroom. I then export all of them unedited to a folder on my computer.

I go through every image individually and star my favourite ones so I can come back and edit them, this saves me a lot of time! I roughly edit the selected photos using; crop, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, vibrance and clarity.

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Portrait: Process

1. I import all the images from my SD card to Adobe Lightroom. Then export them all from Lightroom to a folder I call “Mastercopy”, converting them to JPEG’s. Import LR

2. I go through all the images and star the best ones, removing the unchosen images from the contact sheet. This reduces time spent editing photos that I’m not going to use. In this case I narrowed it down to about 12 pictures.

3. Still using Lightroom I crop all of my chosen images down, giving me the size and composition I think works best.  Crop LR

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