Promotion & Presentation: Website

The best way to display your work as a photographer in the modern era is online. Having your own domain name is a very personal way to not only display your work but allow consumers to contact you. I decided to create a website that follows the same design theme I have adopted throughout my work. I like the style of having it a bit rough and hand drawn, as well as keeping it colourful. I feel this theme has a family friendly feel as well as being aphetically pleasing to look at, its also a design that can appeal to everybody no matter the age or task in hand.


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Promotion & Presentation: Merchandise

Once I had created my logo I thought it looked pretty good as a standalone graphic. I thought I could apply my brand image to pieces of merchandise that can be sold or handed out at conventions as a way of marketing, getting my name out there. Although this theory could be adopted to many pieces of equipment; pens, key rings, USB sticks, stickers and so on. I created a few mockups of pieces of merchandise with my logo on it that I thought would look good.
Having quite quirky and different pieces of merchandise will grab the markets attention as they may not have them, they might be limit stock items or they haven’t seen other people hand them out so its a bit different.

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Promotion & Presentation: DVD

When supplying my clients with their images I will offer the option to have them stored on a disc so they can view them at their own pleasure. Whilst designing the disc and cover I wanted to apply the same theme I have with all other physical objects that are associated with me. That way I can produce a brand image that is recognised with myself. I wanted to keep it simple, colourful and fancy at the same time. I didn’t want to clutter up the space with any images or anything unnecessary, its a DVD to a specific client so should be quite personal to them.


Promotion & Presentation: Business Cards

I have created business cards that are based around my logo. I feel as if my logo is nice enough to be used individually as a illustration or graphic therefore works as a business card. Its simple yet effective.
The business cards would be printed on high quality, sturdy card and instead of being the usual rectangle shape. It would be the exact cutout of my logo. On the back my contact details would be displayed in the font that keeps the style the same.
I believe the cutout as well as the logo are quite unique and stylish, catching my markets eye, making them want to take one.


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Set Your Own: Process

I upload all the images from my SD card to my laptop and import them to Adobe Lightroom. I then export all of them unedited to a folder on my computer.

I go through every image individually and star my favourite ones so I can come back and edit them, this saves me a lot of time! I roughly edit the selected photos using; crop, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, vibrance and clarity.

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Portrait: Process

1. I import all the images from my SD card to Adobe Lightroom. Then export them all from Lightroom to a folder I call “Mastercopy”, converting them to JPEG’s. Import LR

2. I go through all the images and star the best ones, removing the unchosen images from the contact sheet. This reduces time spent editing photos that I’m not going to use. In this case I narrowed it down to about 12 pictures.

3. Still using Lightroom I crop all of my chosen images down, giving me the size and composition I think works best.  Crop LR

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