Navigating the Blog

Browsing my blog via the homepage may be tedious as everything uploaded in is chronological order. So finding a specific piece of work can be difficult.

Using the sidebar you can easily find the piece of work you are looking for. Clicking on the Assignment link in the sidebar will direct you to a page containing all the content currently on my blog with individual links to every piece of work.

All the assignments are titled on the sidebar also, when clicked on, you will be taken to a page displaying all the pieces of work for that specific assignment.
Each assignment title on the sidebar will have clear children links underneath them, detailing each piece of work. Clicking on one of these will take you to the blog post containing the work.

Clicking on the little folder icon above the logo on the sidebar will bring up a search bar, for easy access to finding anything on the site by typing the title, assignment or keywords. As well as a categories section, clicking a category will bring up every piece of work within it. There is also a tags cloud, showing all the popular tags I have used. Again clicking one of these will bring up any work associated with the tag.