Final 30


I decided to select architecture as one of my topics as I managed to capture some nice photographs from my trip to Chichen Itza, Mexico, only allowed to display 5 on the ‘Set your own’ assignment, this was a good method of showing the rest of them off. The Mayan temples are a perfect example of architecture are its finest, created over 5000 years ago it was a technological marvel as to the construction of these big temples. There is lots of symmetry in their design as well as imperfection were they have worn away over the millennia. I really like the composition of these images along with the colours displayed. The building blocks themselves are fairly plain, however different shades merged against the vivid sky make it really stand out.


Black & White:

I am a big fan of black and white photography, I love the grayscale effect as well as the gritty, mysterious feel they have to them. I chose this as my second topic as I had a variety of photographs that worked really well in black and white. Taken from different shoots these images display a nice gallery of black and white photographs. I really like silhouettes and the effect they have against any given backdrop. I included a few more Mayan temple shots as adding a grainy, dark black and white to it, made it feel almost natural. It suits the age of the temples and archaeological mystery. I’m happy with the way each of these shots came out in black and white, I think each one has a nice feel to it adapting the shade accordingly to the subject.



My third topic is landscape photography. I really like taking photos of landscapes, finding a great viewpoint and documenting the incredible view I see before me. Not only is it a nice reminder of the incredible sights I have seen but more often than not they come out looking really nice. The first photograph is a panorama I took with the feature on my camera, I had to add it to my final 30 as I think its one of the most visually stunning sights I’ve witnessed, and was really happy with the outcome. All of my landscapes have quite vivid, saturated colours as I feel these types of photographs work better if the colours are amplified. When taking a landscape its usually to capture the essence of the destination and the colour of the sky/ocean/sunset/trees. So increasing the vibrancy makes these colours pop, therefore having a nice touch on the photo.



Nature is another topic I decided to select, with similar reasons to landscape photography. I like the unique, spontaneous features you find lying around whilst out and about with your camera. You never know what you might see in the open that is picture worthy. I like the ambiguity of nature photography, they also come out really nice. The colour you find from plants/sky/animals/structures can be the highlight of the photo, I find it important to amplify these. I selected nature not as a wildlife only topic but more of a world documentation topic. Taking photos of things that you see whilst you explore, things that you don’t see on a daily basis, as well as capturing the beauty this planet has to offer.



You can find patterns almost anywhere in everyday life, that is why I decided to choose it as my final topic. Patterns work when you get up close to a subject and fill the frame with the same features, I don’t see patterns as a repetitive set of the same thing. I prefer to see patterns that use the same material but are different to one another, not a singular. Whilst shooting a pattern I get up close to what I am photographing and then set the aperture low, I like the fade in fade out effect, as I feel you don’t need to see the entire pattern all the way through to know how it starts/ends. Some images do work have the full pattern exposed, other don’t.