Promotion & Presentation: Website

The best way to display your work as a photographer in the modern era is online. Having your own domain name is a very personal way to not only display your work but allow consumers to contact you. I decided to create a website that follows the same design theme I have adopted throughout my work. I like the style of having it a bit rough and hand drawn, as well as keeping it colourful. I feel this theme has a family friendly feel as well as being aphetically pleasing to look at, its also a design that can appeal to everybody no matter the age or task in hand.


I’ve tried to show off as many features within one screenshot as possible. All my work will be displayed in the centre of the page as a running slideshow, which can be sped up via the left and right arrows. Each tab takes you to a different page, some have drop down menus with subsections that you can click to go straight to various pieces of work. I think the design is very simple and neat, sticking to the theme but also implementing all the features needed.

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