Promotion & Presentation: Merchandise

Once I had created my logo I thought it looked pretty good as a standalone graphic. I thought I could apply my brand image to pieces of merchandise that can be sold or handed out at conventions as a way of marketing, getting my name out there. Although this theory could be adopted to many pieces of equipment; pens, key rings, USB sticks, stickers and so on. I created a few mockups of pieces of merchandise with my logo on it that I thought would look good.
Having quite quirky and different pieces of merchandise will grab the markets attention as they may not have them, they might be limit stock items or they haven’t seen other people hand them out so its a bit different.

Mousemat: Nearly every photographer now-a-days is doing there work on a desktop computer. And every consumer is using a computer. Having a mousemat with my logo and company name on it will be a small reminder every time they look down at the desk. They would be made of high quality soft fabric so they’re comfortable to use and last a long time.


T-Shirts: A good mean of advertising would be to have as many people as possible wearing clothing that has my logo and company name on it. Working as a form of word-of-mouth, people who walk past would see it. Again they would be made of high material fabric, whilst trying to keep costs as low as possible. These could be handed out to customers who use my service or sold on my website.


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