Set Your Own: Process

I upload all the images from my SD card to my laptop and import them to Adobe Lightroom. I then export all of them unedited to a folder on my computer.

I go through every image individually and star my favourite ones so I can come back and edit them, this saves me a lot of time! I roughly edit the selected photos using; crop, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, vibrance and clarity.

Heres a before and after:


As you can see it makes the photo pop adding vibrancy and the ability to change the composition.

Once I am happy with the final edits in Lightroom of my 5 images I export them and import them into Adobe Photoshop. I use Photoshop to adjust any blemishes and to edit the lighting. For example in this image I add a transparent gradient from the top left to the bottom right, following the original light direction, but amplifying it. I also use the dodge and burn tools to add any extra light and dark patches.

Here is the final photograph when it is finished in Photoshop:


To see the gallery of my final 5 images click here.

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