Interview: Research

I researched multiple interviews with different photographers to get inspirations as to which questions I could ask. I came up with a list of questions and then narrowed them down to 8. I split them up into subcategories covering career, style & equipment and inspiration, that way I had some context to the questions I was asking.

I used This is the what and a feature on their website called 10 minutes with a photographer. They spent 10 minutes asking photographers a few questions about their work and style, I like this as its very short and sweet but gets a lot of detail and wise words from it, as well as their backstory. They have interviewed lots of professional photographers so I read a few and took note of the questions they asked.
You can see an example here –

I also looked at Crash Taylor ( who specialises in interviewing professional photographers. He has interviewed many different styles of photographer, and really goes to detail in the questions he asks them. He has longer than 10 minutes so asks plenty of questions covering a wide base, getting to know each person personally as well as their talent. I took a lot of inspiration from his interviews as I really like the style he goes for, its very friendly and relaxed, you can see the answers are real.
You can see an example here –


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