Portrait: Process

1. I import all the images from my SD card to Adobe Lightroom. Then export them all from Lightroom to a folder I call “Mastercopy”, converting them to JPEG’s. Import LR

2. I go through all the images and star the best ones, removing the unchosen images from the contact sheet. This reduces time spent editing photos that I’m not going to use. In this case I narrowed it down to about 12 pictures.

3. Still using Lightroom I crop all of my chosen images down, giving me the size and composition I think works best.  Crop LR

4Adjustment LR. Once I am happy with the crops I go back over each picture and adjust the White balance, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation. I fiddle around with these until I achieve nice colour and lighting.


5. This is a before and after Lightroom adjustments.


6Burn:DodgeI chose the 3 best images to use as my final pieces of work and import them into Adobe Photoshop. I touch up a few areas of the image using various tools, adjusting lighting, colours and blemishes.

7. Happy with the colour image, I duplicate the layer, then begin working on turning it black and white. (This step becomes important later)Layers

8. To create the black and white effect I wanted to achieve I used the Black and White adjustment tool to start me off. Lowering the Brightness and Contrast gave me the darker effect I was looking for. Finally adding a slight offset to add a bit of fade and Gamma Correction dimmed all the shades down, making it pop.

9. On the Black and White duplicated layer, I create a mask, which will allow me to remove parts of the black and white layer revealing the colour image underneath. Mask

10. With the mask selected. I use the brush tool with black paint to paint over the eyes, as I do this the colour from the layer underneath is revealed. As I get close to the fingers I use a faded brush, this gives the gradient glowing effect.Brush

Final Image. portrait2

To see the gallery of my final 3 portrait images click here.


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